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Registering Online: please note, with the exception of our Reserve List, due to demand we will no longer be providing a reimbursement of entry fees.
However, when entering our Reserve List, your entry fee will be reimbursed if a place does not become available.


Grantown On Spey Try Tri Race Entry Form
300m swim - 16k (10mls) ride - 4.8k (3mls) run

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All competitors participating in Grantown Try Tri are held to have read and understood the rules governing the sport of Triathlon as published by Triathlon Scotland and be in full agreement with the following disclaimer. I declare that: I am medically fit to compete in endurance sports; I/we participate in this event entirely at my/our own risk; I assume that no liability what-so-ever will be placed upon the event organiser for any injuries sustained, or for any loss or damage to personal property of equipment, during the event or from any designated changing and transition areas.
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